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Bolhas team, has several all-inclusive fishing packs for unforgettable sport fishing adventures in Sesimbra and Lisbon

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Recreational boat fishing is one of the best ways to be in harmony with nature and one of the most widespread outdoors activities promoting family union and social gathering among friends. Its estimated that Europe alone has over 20 million people practicing sport fishing and Sesimbra and Lisbon due to their location and sea conditions are prime destinations to perform sport fishing all year round.

We have salwater fishing programs for the younger and beginners, that’re looking to live their first offshore fishing experience and also great challenges for the most experienced anglers who’re looking to catch their dream fish in Tejo river or in Sesimbra coast such as a red snapper or a giant croacker.

Our seasoned crews are at your disposal to provide you all the needed support throughout your sport fishing journey and our boats are equipped with the latest electronic devices and safety equipment for you to enjoy a great fishing day in full comfort and safety.

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