Gilt-head breams fishing

Want to enjoy a day filled with adrenaline and a lot of tension in the fishing lines?

Activities schedule Activities schedule

Departure from the harbor between 6am and 8am

Return to the harbor at 4pm

Other schedules under request


€70 per person

Activity description

High sea boat fishing, with fishing areas between 3 and 5 nautical miles offshore Sesimbra harbor with depths that vary between 30 to 80 meters.

Main targeted species: Gilt-head bream, Red Snappers


  • Boat rental with crew
  • Insurance for all participants
  • Fishing assistant
  • Bait (live crab)

Available extras

All fishing equipment is available for hiring

Daily transfer Lisbon/Sesimbra/Lisbon - From €25 per person!

Minimum of participants: 6

Useful advises

Comfortable shoes and attire suitable for the time of the year.

To book, please call
+351 910658555 / +351 916205429
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Pesca as douradas

info Gilt-head breams fishing tours in Sesimbra´s espichel cape - season

Want to enjoy a day filled with adrenaline and a lot of tension in the fishing lines?

We offer you and your group of freinds one of the highlights of Portugal´s saltwater fishing experiences - the guil-head breams!

Book your gilt-head bream fishing trip at Cape Espichel, in Sesimbra, and at Vereda, off Comporta, in Setúbal.

Don't miss this opportunity to fish gilt-head breams. you will enjoy a sport fishing journey to fish XL gilt-head breams, which return all winters to Setubal bay and Espichel Cape area.

Sport fishing to the Gilt-head bream is carried out at anchor or adrift with crabs, allowing sport fishermen to have the opportunity to catch the legendary giant bream of Espichel, which weigh between 2 and 6 kg.

Bookings open for this season: from November to January.

Tips for the Espichel gilt-head breams boat fishing

  • Use fluorocarbon fishing lines. They’re resistant and allow some flexibility when you’re fightingt these gilt-head breams specimens;
  • There are several brands of hooks on the market, some specific for seabream fishing, so don't hesitate to contact us to find out which hooks are the best. Anyone who has accompanied us on this magnificent fishing can testify to the jaw power of these great bream and how easily they break hooks;
  • Don’t take any chances and never fully close the fishing reel drag. If you manage to catch a bid gilt-head bream specimen you’ll need all the drag you can get to tire these extraordinary specimens; gilt-head breams can weigh up to 7 kg;
  • Use the best braids in the fishing reel for better quality like Power-Pro spectra fibres! The big gilt-head breams you’ll be fishing will test this lines;
  • By knowing how to distinguish gilt-head bream bite from one of another species may increase your chances of catching your dream gilt-head bream! This knowledge will make all the difference in gilt-head bream fishing. We will be pleased to help you in your saltwater recreational boat fishing journey;
  • Experience gilt-head bream fishing drifting or anchored! Before certain sea circumstances it’s best to be anchored so we can have the bait in the fishing area, in other situations, drifting will allow better fishing results if they are moving from different fishing points within the same area. We have boats for each of these different techniques!

Fun facts regarding the Gilt-Head Bream (sparus aurata)

Get to know gilt-head bream better and increase your angling chances!

This specie, which can be fished along all our Portugal´s coast, feeds itself mainly with bivalves, invertebrates, and mollusks and usually appears in big shoals.

It lives in mixed ocean bottoms, either sandy or rocky and it seeks for flagstone and stone areas to spawn.

This offshore recreational fishing targeting gilt-head breams are one of the most sorted sport fishing trips by those who appreciate a specie of greater gastronomical and sportive value, either it being for its power once hooked or by its high nutritional and gastronomical taste.

Minimum size to catch a gilt-head bream: 19 cm - the size recommended by the Bolhas MT - Follow Sensations team is 30 cm.

Maximum registered weight: 19 kg, with 1.50 meters length!

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