Snorkeling with Sea Scooter!

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Made-to-measure schedules!

Length: 3 hours


€85 per person

Tour description

Check in and briefing at the Bolhas Tours center where all the technical and safety procedures for snorkeling and Sea Scooter´s use will be explained.

Equipping and boarding to cruise to the area to be designated for snorkeling on the day

Snorkel time with Sea Scooter

Return to Port

At Bolhas Tours center unequip for an invigorating warm shower!


  • Electric Sea Scooter
  • neoprene short suit
  • Boat rental with crew
  • Insurance for all occupants
  • Snorkel mask
  • Action Camera in waterproof case
  • Water
  • Bolhas Tours marine centre facilities

Minimum persons required: 3 persons

Daily transfer Lisbon/Sesimbra/Lisbon - from €25 per person!

Motorboat or Rigid-Inflatable Boat.

Useful advises

Comfortable shoes and suitable attire.


info Snorkeling with Sea Scooter

The best way to discover the aquatic depths of the Marine Park Professor Luiz Saldanha

Come discover the underwater wonders of the beaches and bays of Sesimbra, embarking on an unforgettable adventure, letting yourself dive into the crystal clear waters teeming with marine life with our guides.

Sea Scooter - To enhance your experience, Bolhas Tours presents the new way to explore the biodiversity of the seabed of Sesimbra with the new snorkeling tours performed on a seascooter.

These tours combine the thrill of snorkeling with the technology of electric propulsion sea scooters that glide through the crystal clear waters silently, allowing you to explore more underwater areas effortlessly.

The Sea Scooters are designed for all levels of experience, from beginners who are starting snorkeling for the first time, to experienced practitioners who can thus with a sea scooter go through the seabed of the most incredible bays, along the coast of the Arrábida mountains in Sesimbra.

Some reference places where you can take your snorkeling tour on a seascooter:

Baía da Mula - The first bay west of Sesimbra, with mixed bottoms full of sargassum and lots of biodiversity, it delights the most demanding divers.

Frade Bay - An imposing bay surrounded by limestone cliffs, its main species of fish are sea breams, mackerel, mullet, sea bass, sole and bogas, and bottoms of golden sand with some isolated rocks that serve as refuge to the most diverse species of aquatic flora.

Baleeira beach - The last sheltered bay before Cabo Espichel, its seabed is full of biodiversity and makes this bay a place of choice for all recreational divers. Main fish species are: sea breams, mackerel, mullet, sea bass, sole and octopus. Other activities we do by boat to Baleeira Beach:

- Visits by boat and grottoes fo the Cape Espichel

- Boat Transfers

- Snorkel;

- Bachelorette parties;

- Try Dives

Discover the underwater world of Sesimbra on a sea scooter in a new and exciting way, contact us!


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