All Inclusive Sport Fishing Tour

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In this tour you can catch several fish specimens of great sportive and gastronomical value. Our experienced crew will assist you at any time and provide everything you need to know to enjoy a fishing day in Sesimbra.
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7:45 am Check-in at Bolhas Tours Marine Center
8:00 am Departure from Sesimbra's harbour
1:00 pm Return to Sesimbra's harbour and check-out


Activity Description


- Boat fishing in areas between 3 miles and 5 nautical miles offshore from the Sesimbra's harbour at depths of between 20 and 60 meters.

- Target species to be caught: white and black seabream, red snapper, gild-head bream, european conger and grouper.

- Minimum number of participants: 5

- For other schedules contact info@bolhastours.com


  • Boat rental with crew
  • Insurance for all participants


  • Daily Sport Fishing License
  • Fishing assistant
  • All fishing equipment and tackle
  • Bait
  • Bottled water

Daily transfer Lisbon/Sesimbra/Lisbon: from €29 per person

Cabin boat with WC

Useful advises

Comfortable shoes and attire suitable for the time of the year.


Boat Fishing in Sesimbra


Join the Bolhas Tours team for an unforgettable fishing excursion, where you'll have the opportunity to reel in a diverse array of fish prized for both their sporting excitement and culinary value.


During your adventure, you'll be accompanied by a seasoned crew who will provide guidance and instruction on essential procedures, including the proper operation and assembly of sport fishing equipment, as well as handling techniques for the fish you catch.


Gather your friends or family and embark on a thrilling fishing expedition in Sesimbra or Lisbon with Bolhas Tours. With us, you'll have the chance to target prized species such as bream, grouper, snapper, and seabass, and later enjoy them in a delicious lunch or dinner at home!


  • White seabream (Diplodus sargus): This is an abundant species in Sesimbra, which can be found at different depths, but is most commonly caught at depths of up to 50 meters off the coast. As an adult, it has 1 black vertical stripe on the caudal peduncle and 9 alternating dark and light vertical stripes on the sides, while juveniles have only 5 darker stripes. Its combativeness when casting is an attractive feature for sport fishing.
    Minimum legal catch size: 15 cm.
  • Black seabream (Spondyliosoma cantharus): This species thrives abundantly in Sesimbra and inhabits various depths, with its primary catch zone typically extending to depths of up to 50 meters along the coastline. As adults, they exhibit distinct markings, including a single black vertical stripe on the caudal peduncle and nine alternating dark and light vertical stripes along the sides. In contrast, juveniles display only five darker stripes. Their spirited resistance when hooked adds an enticing element to sport fishing pursuits.
    Minimum legal catch size: 23 cm.
  • Axillary seabream (Pagellus acarne): This species commonly resides in sandy and algae-covered beds and is plentiful along the Sesimbra coastline. It's often found in significant numbers, with specimens occasionally exceeding 500 grams, particularly in the Cabo Espichel and Sesimbra regions. When active, it aggressively strikes at baits. Adult individuals possess a distinguishing characteristic: a dark spot at the base of the pectoral fins.
    Minimum legal catch size: 18 cm.
  • Red snapper (Pagrus pagrus): This fish species ranks among the top targets for anchored fishing, prized for its significant commercial and culinary worth. Its capture guarantees deep-sea anglers a challenging battle, owing to its formidable strength and resistance upon being hooked. In its juvenile stage, it favors shallow, sheltered areas, typically found at depths of up to 60 meters. As adults, they inhabit depths ranging from 10 to 250 meters. Around the age of 3, they undergo a sex change, with females transitioning into males upon reaching sexual maturity. Characterized by a pinkish hue and silvery sides adorned with a distinct lateral line of scales extending to the caudal fin.
    Minimum legal catch size: 20 cm.


At Bolhas Tours, we advocate for responsible sport fishing practices, emphasizing selective capture and adherence to minimum size regulations and total catch limits. Join us in our commitment to conserving and sustaining fish stocks.




1. Do fishing boat trips take place all year round?

Yes, Bolhas Tours runs sport fishing trips in Sesimbra all year round.

2. How is the sea in Sesimbra and along the Arrábida coast for fishing?

With more than 300 days a year with little wind and calm seas full with biodiversity, Sesimbra´s sea is the ideal place for your sport fishing charter.

3. I'd love to try boat fishing, but I have no experience, is that possible?

Yes, open to all levels of experience, you will have experienced crews and guides at your disposal to provide all the support you need for an exciting day full of catches.

4. We are a family/group of friends who would like to fish for a few hours and get to know the coast and do some other sea activities, is this possible?

Yes, in private boat rental for greater freedom of choice, just send your request to info@bolhastours.com and we'll design the fishing and tour program you want.

5. There are only two of us and the program sets a minimum number of 4, how can we join?

There are two options, by sending an email to info@bolhastours.com with the desired date waiting for more participants to join the fishing tour on the requested date or by renting a private fishing charter for half or full day - instant confirmation.

6. How many kilos of fish can we catch?

The limit stipulated by Portuguese legislation for sport fishing is a maximum of 10 kilos per person, plus the biggest fish.

7. Can we take the fish home?

Yes, the catches belong to the participants, and they can take home at the end of the activity. We always advise you to bring thermal bags to transport the fish you catch.

8. I'm interested in holding a sport fishing event for around 30 people, is that possible?

Yes, just send an email to info@bolhastours.com and we'll get back to you about the incredible options available for fishing events for groups and companies.

9. From what age can children do this activity?

We recommend for children aged 9 and over although smaller children can join. Children must be accompanied by a family member.

10. Part of the group wants to go fishing, but there are people who just want to enjoy the tour, is that possible?

Yes, as long as the minimum number of participants stipulated for the desired program is met. Accompanying persons will only pay 60% of the price per person set for the fishing tour.

Bolhas Tours promotes the maintenance of healthy fishing stocks as well as the practice of Catch & Release whenever the species caught have no relevant food value or are not aim for alimentation purposes.