Bachelor Parties

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We have several programs available for bachelor parties along the coast of Sesimbra.
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9:30 am Check-in at Bolhas Tours Marine Center
10:00 am Departure from Sesimbra's harbour
1:00 pm Return to Sesimbra's harbour and check-out


2:00 pm Check-in at Bolhas Tours Marine Center
2:30 pm Departure from Sesimbra's harbour
5:30 pm Return to the Sesimbra's harbour and check-out


Activity Description


- Boat tour along Luiz Saldanha Marine Park coast to discover Sesimbra's dazzling beaches and bays.

- Stop at one of the sheltered bays to celebrate your event, with diving, snorkeling or SUP activities in Arrábida coast turquoise waters.

- Return to Sesimbra harbour.

- Minimum number of participants: 6

- For other schedules contact info@bolhastours.com


  • Boat rental with crew
  • Insurance for all participants
  • Tour guide


  • Sea scooter
  • Stand Up Paddle board
  • Goggles and vests for snorkeling
  • Photo report
  • Regional wine
  • Water
  • Hot shower after the event


Bachelor Party


Tailored Programs for Your Needs

At Bolhas Tours, we go beyond standard activities. Our focus is on crafting customized programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you are planning a bachelor party or a group outing with friends, Bolhas Tours will cater to your preferences and desires.

Explore Sesimbra's Stunning Beaches

During your private sea event, immerse yourself in the beauty of Sesimbra coastline as you visit three breathtaking beaches:

  • Ribeiro do Cavalo beach: Located just 1 nautical mile from Sesimbra, Ribeiro do Cavalo is renowned for its picturesque turquoise-blue waters. Named after a rocky formation resembling a horse's neck, this beach offers a serene escape for summer vacationers.
  • Cova da Mijona beach: Accessible only by boat from Sesimbra's sheltered harbor, Cova da Mijona boasts an open bay with a south-facing exposure. Marvel at the recently renovated fishing shelter and soak in the stunning light that illuminates the peebles white stones, creating a unique ambiance.
  • Baleeira beach: Located next to the Cape Espichel and protected between two large cliffs from the wind and oceans swell this beach was na ancient haven for various fishing activities. This bay makes Baleeira a popular beach for diving and snorkeling. The translucent water, rich in marine life (octopuses, whelks and various types of algae), provides shelter for several species of juvenile fish and crustaceans.

Our Dedicated Team

Embark on a memorable journey along Sesimbra's coast with our passionate team at Bolhas Tours.
We're committed to ensure you and your group an enjoyable and unforgettable event. Discover the magic of Sesimbra with us!




1. Is this boat trip available all year round?

Yes, Bolhas Tours runs bachelor party sea events in Sesimbra all year round.

2. What's the sea like in Sesimbra and along the Arrábida coast?

With more than 300 days a year of calm sea and little wind, the sea of Sesimbra is protected by the Serra da Arrábida thus the ideal place for boat tours along the coast.

3. Is there parking near the Bolhas Tours Nautical Center?

Yes, the Porto de Abrigo (harbour) area, where the center is located, is a free parking zone.

4. We have difficulty in all being present at the time set for check-in, can we schedule a different departure and return time than advertised?

Yes, as this is a private event, another time may be set in addition to the one described in the program to better suit all the participants. By prior request and subject to confirmation of availability.

5. The program description in the usual timetable states that the tour is scheduled for 2.30 p.m. and lasts 3 hours. Until what time can we arrive at the Bolhas Tours nautical center to check in?

You are asked to check in at the Bolhas Tours Nautical Center at least 30 minutes in advance - by 2 p.m.

6. Can the boat be decorated for the event?

Yes, it must be done within 15 minutes of the scheduled boarding time and by the participants under crew supervision.

7. There are stops during the event to do various activities in sheltered bays, but some of the group can't swim, can they still take part?

Yes, you don't need to know how to swim to take part in the event; the nautical activities are optional for participants.
However, if you don't want to miss out on this opportunity to take a dip in one of the stunning bays off the coast of Sesimbra, you must inform the crew and ask for buoyancy aids when you check in. Seasoned crew will be onboard to assist guests so they can enjoy these activities in full safety.

8. Can we bring drinks and food to the event?

Yes, you can bring catering to the event, and there is a fridge if you choose the Classic Yacht.

9. After the tour, we're going to have dinner at a restaurant and continue the party, is there a place where we can take a shower and change?

Yes, Bolhas Tours has changing rooms with hot showers at its center. Just inform us of this need at the time of booking.

10. If the tour is canceled due to adverse sea conditions, what happens to the amount already paid, is it refunded?

Yes, whenever sea conditions prevent the private tour from taking place, a full refund will be made to the client within a maximum of 48 hours, without any penalty or cancellation fee.