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Boat Fishing

Recreational boat fishing is one of the best ways to be in harmony with nature and one of the most widespread outdoor activities promoting family union and social gathering among friends. It is estimated that Europe alone has over 20 million people practicing sport fishing and Sesimbra and Lisbon, due to their location and sea conditions, are prime destinations to perform sport fishing all year round.

We have saltwater fishing programs for the younger and for beginners, that are looking to live their first offshore fishing experience and also great challenges for the most experienced anglers who are looking to catch their dream fish in the Tagus river or in Sesimbra coast, such as a red snapper or a giant croacker.

Our crews are at your disposal to provide you all the needed support throughout your sport fishing journey and our boats are equipped with the latest electronic devices and safety equipment for you to enjoy a great fishing day in full comfort and safety.

All Inclusive Sport Fishing Tour

In this tour you can catch several fish specimens of great sportive and gastronomical value. Our experienced crew will assist you at any time and provide everything you need to know to enjoy a fishing day in Sesimbra.

Red Snapper Sport Fishing

Fishing tour for snapper, an iconic species of the seas of Sesimbra and Portugal. In this form of on-board sport fishing, which we carry out throughout the year in Sesimbra and Lisbon, we take you to specific capture areas for this species.

Gilt-Head Breams Fishing

Want to enjoy a day filled with adrenaline and a lot of tension in the fishing lines? We offer you and your group of friends one of the highlights of Portugal's saltwater fishing experiences - the guilt-head breams.

Boat Fishing In Sesimbra

A sport fishing daily tour to you and your group. The target species include seabreams, snapper, conger, and groupers. We prioritize responsible fishing practices, adhering to legal regulations and mandatory minimum catch and weight limits to promote sustainable fish stocks.

Electrical Reels Sport Fishing

In this tour you will fish in the deep sea, in areas between 12 and 25 nautical miles from the Sesimbra’s harbour at depths of between 135 and 450 meters.

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