Boat Rental for Fishing

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Looking to rent a boat for a fishing day? We have several boats available to provide a recreational sea fishing activity to you and your friends, or your company.
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Boat Rental for Fishing


Are you interested in renting a boat for a day of fishing?

Bolhas Tours offers a variety of boats for recreational sea fishing activities, perfect for you, your friends, or your company.

We provide all the necessary equipment and crew to ensure your recreational fishing event is a success.

If you have any questions about our boat rental services for sea fishing and recreational fishing events, please contact us!




1. Is it possible to rent boats all year round?

Yes, Bolhas Tours offers private boat rentals with crew for several purposes all year round.

2. I have a boating license, is it possible to rent a boat to spend a few hours with my group of friends?

Sesimbra coastal area is a protected maritime area with restricted navigation zones, sandbanks and submerged rocks. Bolhas Tours therefore only rents its boats with its own seasoned staff and crews thus ensure the total safety of the charters.

3. We represent a film production company does Bolhas Tours rent boats for this purpose?

Yes, in addition to tourist boats, Bolhas Tours also owns boats registered as Local Auxiliary (mandatory for professional works) and its crews have a maritime license in addition to being recreational boaters, which allows them to carry out professional work.

For more information just send an email to: info@bolhastours.com

4. We need to carry out scientific/technological nautical work for a research project, can you rent boats for this purpose?

Yes, Bolhas Tours along its 11 year of boating activities participated with its boats and crews in various scientific research projects with the University of Porto (UAP), various aquatic drone accompaniments and seabed studies with the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) or Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), among many other projects carried out for maritime agencies and naval/military technological events.

For more information just send an email to: info@bolhastours.com

5. Do you have fast boats to support sailing events and regattas?

Yes, we have several semi-rigid boats to assist regattas events – Chase boats/Press/Regatta Committee/Safety/Support/Vip guests.