Jurassic Boat Tour in Espichel Cape

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In this tour you will visit by boat the tracks left by the footprints of dinosaurs, that lived in the region of Sesimbra many years ago. Cabo Espichel is famous by its unique geological and fossil wealth.
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09:30 am Check-in at Bolhas Tours Marine Center
10:00 am Departure from Sesimbra's harbour
12:30 pm Return to the Sesimbra's harbour and check-out


02:00 pm Check-in at Bolhas Tours Marine Center
02:30 pm Departure from Sesimbra's harbour
05:00 pm Return to the Sesimbra's harbour and check-out


Activity Description


- Visit to the “Pedra da Mua”, located on the North coast of Sesimbra, where you can observe footprints of carnivorous dinosaurs (Theropods) and herbivorous dinosaurs (Sauropods), dating back to the Cretaceous period.

- On the way back, stop for a swim in the translucent waters of Baleeira beach bay.

- Minimum number of participants: 6

- For other schedules contact info@bolhastours.com


  • Boat rental with crew
  • Insurance for all participants
  • Tour guide


  • Regional wine
  • Water

Useful advises

Sunscreen, confortable shoes, and bathing suit.


Jurassic Boat Tour


Embark on an unforgettable journey with Bolhas Tours to uncover the fascinating world of the cretacean and of the dinossaurs footprints trails, also the baseline for ancient myths and local legends.

Explore the fossilized footprints carved at the upper Jurassic Period surface in “Pedra da Mua” a Portuguese geologic national monument since 1997, renowned world wide for this exceptional fossil treasures.


Located on the north coast of Cabo Espichel, visit two major paleoichnological sites showcasing a myriad of dinosaurs tracks. These areas include the esteemed Natural Monument of “Pedra da Mua” and the Natural Monument of “Lagosteiros”.

Further exploration reveals more track sites left by carnivorous and herbivores dinosaurs boasting with more then 600 footprints dating back approximately 129 million years from the early Cretaceous Period.


These fossilized footprints serve as invaluable resources for paleontologists, offering insights into the behaviors of Theropod, Sauropod, and Ornithopod dinosaurs through meticulous study and analysis.




1. Is this boat trip available all year round?

Bolhas Tours runs this tour to the north coast of Sesimbra mostly in the summer months, but it is also possible to visit in the winter months, especially November and January. Just contact Bolhas Tours to check the best day for this tour.

2. Is there parking near the Bolhas Tours Nautical Center?

Yes, the area of Porto de Abrigo and Sesimbra Marina where the center is located is a free parking area.

3. I'm on vacation and I don't have a car. How do I get to Sesimbra from the center of Lisbon or Setúbal?

You can contact Bolhas Tours for transportation - available for groups of more than 6 participants and under budget, or by Uber-type apps, with an average cost per journey of €29 for up to four people between Lisbon and the Bolhas Tours nautical center in Sesimbra.

4. If the tour is canceled due to adverse sea conditions, what happens to the amount already paid, is it refunded?

Yes, whenever sea conditions prevent the tour from taking place to visit the north coast of Sesimbra where the geological formations with footprints are located, a full refund will be made to the customer within a maximum of 48 hours, without any penalty or cancellation fee.

5. There is a stop during the dinosaur tour for some swims, but I can't swim, can I take part?

Yes, you don't need to know how to swim to take part in this tour, the swim is optional for participants. If you still want to take a dip in a stunning bay under the supervision of the crew, you need to request a buoyancy aid when you check in.

6. The program description states that the tour is scheduled for 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon. Can I arrive at the Bolhas Tours nautical center at that time to check in?

The departure time shown in the program is the time of departure for the sea. You must check in at the nautical center at least 30 minutes beforehand (at 09.30) in order to make payments, briefing, put on vests for the little ones and use the toilet, if necessary, before the tour.

7. I'm taking the tour on the last day of my stay in Sesimbra, can I store my luggage at the Bolhas Tours center while I take the tour?

Yes, you can leave your bags and luggage at our nautical center.

8. What type of boat is most used on this tour?

The boats used for this tour are semi-rigid boats that allow you to sail along the coast and in the open sea in total safety and comfort. With individual seats for up to 18 participants, ladders to access the water, a sound system and a shaded area in the back seats, they are the ideal boats for this activity. The crew is made up of a guide and a skipper, both of whom hold a license for maneuvering tourist boats and have been trained in the STCW safety standards.