Sea Scooter in Sesimbra

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Explore the seabed biodiversity of Sesimbra in an innovative way with our snorkeling tours conducted on sea scooters. These tours combine the excitement of snorkeling with the cutting-edge technology of electric propulsion.
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2:00 pm Check-in at Bolhas Tours Marine Center
2:30 pm Departure from Sesimbra's harbour
5:00 pm Return to Sesimbra's harbour and check-out


Activity Description


- Check in and briefing at the Bolhas Tours center where all the technical and safety procedures for snorkeling and Sea Scooter's use will be explained.

- Equipping and boarding to cruise to the area to be designated for snorkeling on the day.

- Snorkel time with Sea Scooter.

- Return to Port.

- At Bolhas Tours center unequip for an invigorating warm shower!

- Minimum number of participants: 4

- For other schedules contact info@bolhastours.com


  • Boat rental with crew
  • Insurance for all participants
  • Biologist guide


  • Sea scooter
  • Neoprene wetsuit
  • Goggles
  • GoPro in waterproof case
  • Moscatel wine
  • Water
  • Changing rooms and hot shower after the event

Daily transfer Lisbon/Sesimbra/Lisbon: from 29€ per person

Cabin boat with WC or RIB boat

Useful advises

Comfortable shoes and suitable attire; towel.


Snorkeling with Sea Scooter


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Sesimbra's beaches and bays on an unforgettable adventure guided by our experts. Dive into the crystal-clear waters bustling with marine life and experience the wonders beneath the surface.


Bolhas Tours offers an innovative way to explore Sesimbra's seabed biodiversity with our exhilarating snorkeling tours conducted on sea scooters. These tours combine the excitement of snorkeling with the cutting-edge technology of electric propulsion sea scooters, effortlessly gliding through the pristine waters.


Our Sea Scooter tours cater to beginners taking their first plunge into snorkeling, as well as seasoned enthusiasts seeking to explore the extraordinary bays along the Arrábida mountains' coastline in Sesimbra.


  • Mula bay: located to the west of Sesimbra, Mula Bay has a diverse underwater environment, filled with abundant sargassum and biodiversity, making it a paradise for the most demanding divers.
  • Frade bay: a majestic bay surrounded by limestone cliffs, with sandy bottoms punctuated by isolated rocks that serve as a refuge for a diverse marine fauna and flora, including fish such as bream, mackerel, mullet, sea bass, sole and bogas.
  • Baleeira beach: located just before Cape Espichel, Baleeira Beach is the final sheltered bay boasting a seabed brimming with biodiversity, rendering it a top destination for recreational diving enthusiasts. Key species to spot include bream, mackerel, mullet, sea bass, sole, and octopus.

Additional Bolhas Tours activities on Baleeira Beach:

- Boat tours to explore the caves of Cabo Espichel;

- Boat transfers;

- Bachelor parties.




1. Does this boat trip take place all year round?

Yes, Bolhas Tours offers boat trips with Sea scooters in Sesimbra all year round.

2. In which areas are we going to do the Sea Scooter activity?

It takes place in the small protected bays and coves, next to the famous Ribeiro do Cavalo beach and near the Espichel Cape area at the Baleeira bay, to observe the unique species and seabed in the protected area of the Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park.

3. It is my first-time snorkeling with a Sea Scooter, is it easy to learn?

Yes, intuitive to learn, our guides will teach you the best way to operate Sea Scooters.

4. Will we be accompanied on the sea scooter snorkeling tour?

Yes, the guide will always be in the water with the group, duly signposted, showing the main wonders of this bays, ensuring the best sensory and educational experience and effortless for the participants through the electric propulsion of a sea scooter.

In addition, a crew member accompanies the group by boat, ready to welcome the participants at the end of the activity.

5. From what age can children do this activity?

We recommend ages 9 and up, accompanied by a family member.

6. The program description states that the tour is scheduled for 2.30 p.m. and lasts 3 hours. Until what time can we arrive at the Bolhas Tours nautical center to check in?

Participants are asked to check in at the Bolhas Tours nautical center at least 30 minutes beforehand - at 2 p.m. - so they can get suit up and to be briefed about Sea Scooters functions, navigation techniques, safety, etc.

7. Part of the group wants to go snorkeling with Sea Scooters, but there are people who want to stay on the boat and just enjoy the ride, is that possible?

Yes, as long as the minimum number of 3 participants is met for this activity, the tour will take place. These companions will only pay 60% of the price per person set for the Sea Scooter tour.

8. Can you take a small snack on the boat?

Yes, you can bring a small snack on board to eat after the activity.

Note: As the program takes place in an aquatic environment, participants should have a light lunch before the activity.

9. I'm on vacation and I don't have a car. How do I get to Sesimbra from the center of Lisbon?

You can contact Bolhas Tours for transportation - available for groups of more than 6 participants and by budget, or by Uber-type apps, with an average cost per journey of €29 for up to 4/6(XL) people between Lisbon and the Bolhas Tours nautical center in Sesimbra.

10. I haven't bought a voucher yet because I can't be there at the scheduled check-in time, can I choose another time?

Yes, just send an email to info@bolhastours.com to check availability.